Business continuity plan

Building resilience: Ensuring your clinics are operational during a crisis

Imagine facing a disruption that leads to you not having a functioning PACS system and your modalities have lost their DICOM modality worklists and no diagnostic viewer.

Every minute lost disrupts workflows, delays diagnoses, and potentially impacts patient care. For business leaders like you, how long is too long? An hour? A day? A week? A month? (Yes a month)

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The reality is, even brief downtime can have a cascading effect. It frustrates patients, strains staff, and damages your reputation, puts care at risk, and severe financial loss.

That's where AdvaHealth Solutions comes in...

Beyond just Business Continuity Planning (BCP), we unlock the full potential of your imaging data

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Our integrated BCP solution integrates with your existing RIS and imaging modalities and operates on its own infrastructure, important if your infrastructure is compromised.

This ensures uninterrupted access to critical patient images and a diagnostic viewer, even during the most challenging situations.

Ultimately, our BCP goes beyond resilience; it drives enterprise value. By minimising downtime and protecting patient care, we help you unlock the full potential of your imaging data, leading to improved financial performance, enhanced patient satisfaction, and a stronger competitive advantage.

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Reality check: Healthcare disruptions - Are you ready?

Forget hypothetical scenarios, disruptions are happening now, impacting real patients and real healthcare providers. Get a reality check and understand why BCP is no longer optional, it's a necessity for any healthcare organisation serious about safeguarding its operations.
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Ransomware attacks on healthcare facilities cost $77.5B in downtime, report finds
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Beyond the Glitches: The True Cost of Disruption

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security. While disaster recovery plans often promise a swift 24-hour bounce back, the reality is often far harsher. Downtime can stretch into weeks or even months, translating into:

Significant financial impact

Disruption can lead to substantial losses, including lost revenue, patient dissatisfaction, and potential legal fees.

Compromised patient care

Delayed diagnoses, disrupted treatment schedules, and lost medical data can have a devastating impact on patient well-being

Damaged reputation

News spreads fast, and a single disruption can erode trust and damage your organisation’s brand for years to come

Alan McCarthy

CEO of AdvaHealth Solutions

Planning, preparation, & practice are your lifeline

In this interconnected world, healthcare is increasingly vulnerable to disruptions, both accidental and intentional. Malicious actors are attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and data, potentially causing chaos and compromising patient care

That’s why BCPs are becoming more common in healthcare. Planning, preparation, and practise are your lifelines. Our BCP helps you minimise the impact of disruptions, from natural disasters to cyberattacks, ensuring continued operation and patient safety. Don’t wait for a storm to hit – be proactive and make sure your organisation is ready to weather any challenge.

Working together for your peace of mind

At AdvaHealth Solutions, we believe BCP is clearly the responsibility of the whole leadership of an imaging organisation or group not just an IT problem.

We will work closely with your leadership team, Health Information Systems providers, modality vendors, and IT & operation team to create a comprehensive and customised plan that addresses your specific needs and vulnerabilities.

This collaborative approach ensures seamless integration with your existing systems and minimises downtime during a crisis.

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Confidence in crisis

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can weather any storm.

Even if disaster strikes and you lose access to your entire IT infrastructure, modalities, and PACS, you have a backup solution on standby, ready to take over promptly.

Remember, when these events occur, downtime of production systems can stretch far beyond hours or days, often lasting weeks or even months.

Affordable and flexible pricing

Say goodbye to costly hardware and IT headaches.

AdvaPACS’ affordable SaaS solution provides secure storage and effortless recovery of your PACS data, all without the burden of upfront investments in expensive hardware, ongoing maintenance, or dedicated IT support.

Enjoy transparent, scalable pricing that grows with your needs.

Security insurance enhancement

Strengthen your organisation discussions with providers of cybersecurity insurances.

Our BCP not only fortifies against disruptions but also enhances your security posture, offering added value to your risk management strategy.

With AdvaHealth Solutions’ BCP, your imaging organisation gains more than just a contingency plan. We develop with you a real-world strategy and standby solutions to mitigate risks and ensure smooth operations, even during the most challenging times.

Our approach

The 3Ps of resilience

Our BCP methodology, rooted in the 3Ps of PLANNING, PREPARATION, and PRACTICE, acknowledges that disruptions are not a matter of if, but when.

We understand the intricate challenges of the imaging industry and are equipped to guide you in building a resilient and adaptable plan that ensures the continued delivery of critical care, even amidst unexpected events.

The 3Ps of resilience

1. Planning phase

We take a holistic approach to BCP planning, beginning by collaborating closely with your team, key stakeholders, and essential vendors.

Together, we dive deep into the intricacies of your organisation, identifying potential vulnerabilities and defining critical Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

This comprehensive collaboration ensures your BCP is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a customised roadmap specific to your unique needs and operating environment.

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Business Continuity Plan

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The 3Ps of resilience

2. Preparation phase

With a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, we meticulously prepare your systems and personnel for inevitable disruptions.

We seamlessly integrate AdvaPACS Gateways with your infrastructure, ensuring smooth data migration to our secure cloud platform.

We also establish robust fallback solutions with RIS providers and equipment vendors, guaranteeing uninterrupted data flow even when challenges arise.

Finally, we train your team on the BCP protocols, empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in any situation.

The 3Ps of resilience

3. Practise phase

It’s not enough to simply plan for a crisis; you need to be ready to respond effectively when it strikes.

That’s why we go beyond traditional planning to prioritise consistent practise. Through regular drills and simulations, scheduled at least every six months, we put your BCP to the test in a safe, controlled environment.

This continuous improvement process allows us to identify areas for refinement, enhance team coordination, and solidify individual confidence. It ensures your BCP is not just a static document, but a living, breathing plan that adapts and evolves alongside your organisation and the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

This commitment to regular practise empowers your team to respond calmly and efficiently in any situation, minimising disruption and ensuring the continued delivery of critical care.

AdvaHealth Solutions Business Continuity Plan

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Embracing the 3Ps takes you beyond reactive disaster management and into the realm of proactive resilience. It's not about waiting for a crisis to happen, but about building a comprehensive BCP that ensures your imaging organisation remains operational, serving your patients and maintaining financial viability no matter the challenge.

This continuous cycle of improvement ensures your BCP is a living, breathing entity, adapting to ever-changing landscapes and unforeseen events. Ultimately, it’s not just a plan – it’s a pillar of operational continuity that safeguards your ability to deliver uninterrupted care and remain a beacon of hope for your patients.

Experience peace of mind with AHS-supported BCP

With AdvaHealth Solutions (AHS) BCP solution by your side, you can face them with unwavering confidence. We don’t just prepare your organisation for the unexpected, we empower you to operate seamlessly even when challenges arise.

Our BCP solution does more than just minimise downtime. We ensure a smooth transition to our secure cloud platform, safeguarding your critical data and workflows even if you lose access to other systems. This means you can focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional care to your patients while we handle the technical complexities.

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Cost-effective BCP for your imaging organisation

In today’s healthcare landscape, every penny counts. While ensuring uninterrupted operations with a robust BCP is paramount, concerns about cost often linger.

We understand this dilemma. That’s why we’ve tailored our BCP solutions to be effective and budget-friendly for imaging organisation like yours. No hardware infrastructure and software are required to replicate your existing PACS hardware.

Grow at your pace, pay as you go

Our flexible SaaS-based BCP adapts seamlessly to your needs. You only pay for the storage and access you use, avoiding overpaying and unnecessary long-term contracts. This pay-as-you-go model ensures your BCP budget scales efficiently alongside your organisation, empowering you to focus on growth and patient care without financial constraints.

Forget hardware & software headaches

Ditch the hardware headaches and software complexities. Our SaaS cloud-native BCP solution eliminates the need for any hardware infrastructure or software purchases. Say goodbye to costly on-premise PACS server backups, maintenance expenses, and the burden of hardware refreshes or ongoing upgrades. We handle everything behind the scenes, keeping your costs predictable and manageable while delivering reliable backups and swift recovery.

Don't just survive disruptions, thrive through them. Our affordable BCP solution helps you remain operational during even the most challenging times. While traditional disruptions can leave organisations offline for weeks or months, our BCP minimises downtime and gets you back on track quickly, safeguarding your finances, brand, and most importantly, your patients.

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