AdvaPACS Clinician Portal

Attract more referrals, improve clinician satisfaction

Facilitates effortless studies sharing between you and your referring clinicians. This streamlined collaboration translates to faster diagnoses, informed treatment decisions, and improved patient experiences.

advapacs clinician portal dashboard

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, strong relationships with referring clinicians are crucial for imaging centers. The AdvaPACS Clinician Portal provides a seamless experience for your referrers, fostering loyalty and driving more business to your facility.

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Increased referrals

Make it easier for physicians to send you patients. A convenient, user-friendly portal encourages more referrals and boosts your bottom line.

Improved physician retention

Strengthen partnerships by providing referring doctors with easy access to patient information and streamlined communication tools.

Competitive advantage

Set yourself apart with a cutting-edge portal that demonstrates your commitment to physician collaboration and patient-centric care.

Experience the power of collaborative care with AdvaPACS

Simplified user management for streamlined access

Controlling who accesses patient information is essential for both security and efficient workflows. The AdvaPACS Clinician Portal makes managing user accounts effortless. Grant secure access to authorised referring clinicians within your network while ensuring robust data protection. Key features include:

Easy setup

Quickly add new users from your network of referring clinicians, tailoring their access levels to match their needs.

Customizable permissions

Define specific permissions for each user or user group, controlling which studies and patient information they can view.

Centralised control

Manage all user accounts from a user-friendly dashboard, adding, removing, or updating permissions with just a few clicks.

Simplify your referrer management. Experience AdvaPACS today

Improved referrer experience.
Centralised access to patient imaging

AdvaPACS understands that strong relationships with referring clinicians are key to your success. That’s why our Clinician Portal offers a streamlined experience for your referring clinicians when they work with multiple imaging centers within the AdvaPACS network.

Simplified access

Referring clinicians can access all their patient studies from different imaging centres utilising AdvaPACS through a single portal, eliminating the need for multiple logins and saving valuable time.

Complete patient imaging history

By providing a centralised view of all patient imaging studies across your network, the portal empowers referring clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s health journey.

Streamlined communication

This consolidated access facilitates faster and more efficient communication between referring clinicians and your team, leading to improved patient care coordination and better outcomes.