Empowering AdvaPACS with Secure HL7 Messaging: Receiving Messages over HTTPS and mTLS

Efficient and secure data exchange is crucial in the healthcare industry, and at AdvaPACS, we constantly strive to enhance our cloud-native PACS solution to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers. We are excited to announce the latest update to AdvaPACS, which introduces the capability of sending HL7 messages securely via HTTPS and mutual TLS (mTLS). This new addition ensures the utmost security and privacy of patient data during transmission and opens up new possibilities for seamless integration and improved interoperability.

HL7 Messaging: A Foundation for Interoperability

HL7 messaging has been a fundamental component of healthcare interoperability, providing a standardised format for exchanging clinical information between different healthcare applications. AdvaPACS has embraced HL7 messaging as a powerful tool to streamline workflows and facilitate efficient data exchange. With the recent addition of HTTPS and mTLS capabilities, AdvaPACS takes a significant step forward in ensuring the secure transmission of HL7 messages.

Secure Communication with HTTPS and mTLS

By leveraging HTTPS, AdvaPACS ensures the encrypted transmission of data, protecting patient information from unauthorised access during communication. Additionally, the implementation of mTLS provides mutual authentication and encryption, verifying the identities of both the sender and receiver, further bolstering the security of HL7 messaging.

Realising the Benefits

The integration of secure HL7 messaging via HTTPS and mTLS in AdvaPACS offers numerous benefits to healthcare providers and organisations. It fosters efficient data exchange, streamlined workflows, and improved interoperability. Healthcare providers can transmit essential patient data, including patient demographics, orders, and reports, with confidence, facilitating seamless collaboration and enhancing the quality of care.


The integration of secure HL7 messaging via HTTPS and mTLS in AdvaPACS reinforces its commitment to delivering a robust and secure cloud-native PACS solution. This advancement empowers healthcare providers with secure communication channels, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and seamless transmission of patient data. By facilitating efficient communication and collaboration while complying with data security standards and regulations, AdvaPACS continues to enhance the quality of care in the healthcare industry.

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